Up to 19 hours of light: cordless LED lamps from Tops-lighting Trading

October 31st, 2014

Oct 18, 2014-China-For new Decorative Table Lamp from Tops-lighting will be bringing particularly bright and even lighting to construction sites and workshops. The manufacturer has fitted the two hand-held lamps, ULA 14.4-18 LED and Tops-lighting ULA LED, with extremely high-performing LED units. The two lamps are, despite their compact construction and light weights, extremely robust and durable thanks to their lightweight aluminium head construction. They are ideally suited for use as inspection and general work lamps especially in areas where access is restricted. New to the range are the two inspection lamps: the SLA 14.4-18 LED has six high-performing LED units whilst the Tops-lighting SLA LED has four linearly arranged LED¡¯s designed to provide wide ranging light to your working environment. The SLA models are also fitted with particularly robust cast aluminium head lamp housing. These inspection lamps are particularly versatile and the lighting surface can be rotated and tilted in all directions. This feature provides the user with optimum light, for example, when installing or maintaining large machinery, for interior construction work or when working in narrow spaces such as cable ducts or suspended ceilings or carrying out vehicle inspections. With the four new Rechargeable Table Lamp and the BSA 14.4-18 LED Site Lamp, Tops-lighting offers professional users cable-free working environment lighting that can cope with any challenge.

Bright and even-the light for all situations

Since LEDs offer increased lighting output compared to halogen or traditional bulbs, they are considerably more efficient. They also illuminate for longer. New LEDs can handle up to 30,000 hours. Another advantage of LED lies in the properties of the light itself, it is not just light and white, it is also less intense, thus illuminating your environment in a very even way. The user is able to work precisely and safely without straining their eyes under lighting that is too dim.

Compatible battery system

The Tops-lighting models operate using 10.8 volt battery packs with 1.5 to 4.0 Ampere hours. The ULA 14.4-18 LED and SLA 14.4-18 LED can use all Tops-lighting battery packs with 14.4 or 18 volts from 1.5 to 5.2 Ampere hours. As a result, Tops-lighting expands its comprehensive 18 volt range and now offers 34 mutually compatible mobile tools, from cordless drills or impact screwdrivers and the world’s first cordless flat-headed angle grinder through to a complete range of cordless Inox tools and these new lamps.

The combination of durable lithium-ion battery packs and modern LED technology means that the new lamps are able to illuminate for a particularly long time per battery charge. The cordless hand-held lamp ULA 14.4-18 LED used with an 18v 5.2Ah battery pack provides up to 16.5 hours of bright light, and the Tops-lighting ULA LED used with a 10.8 volt battery pack will deliver 19 hours of light. All four models have a rotating head and a freely rotating hanging hook offering hands free use. The robust aluminium head lamp housing makes these lamps an ideal companion on tough constructions. All four models will be available in store from February. Tops-lighting also offers the 14.4-18 volt lamps in the Pick and Mix system, where 32 different 18 volt tools, can be combined with battery packs with 1.5, 4.0 or 5.2 Ampere hours, chargers and individual transportation solutions according to individual requirements. The user can tailor their machine pool to their individual needs and applications, and only buy and pay for the things they really need.

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