Mainly tips about how to protect the bearings induction heater in working process

October 31st, 2014

OCT 15, 2014-China-There are many tips which the operator for the Induction brazing for bearings should pay ore attentions. Today, this article from the famous industrial used induction heating devices supplier will tell people these attentively points.
First, Make sure the surfaces of the vertical posts are clean.

Second, people should improve the contact between the vertical post and the crossbar by applying a light coat of Vaseline to the contact surface of the vertical post.

Thirdly, the temperature probe should always be placed on or as close as possible to the inner race or ID of the work piece being heated.
Fourthly, for the most efficient heating, always use the largest possible crossbar that will fit through the ID of the work piece being heated. (Stacking of multiple crossbars is permissible.)

Fifthly, it is not a requirement that the work pieces must touch the crossbars. Just so long as the bar goes through the bore someplace.
At last, the most important of all is that the work pieces being heated always be automatically demagnetized. Any Induction hardening that does not do this COSTS you money instead of saving it.
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