All advantages of the high quality AC Motors

October 29th, 2014

OCT 12, 2014-China-The most common and simple industrial motor is the three phase AC induction motor. This ac induction motor is sometimes known as the ¡°squirrel cage¡± motor. Substantial information can be found about any motor by checking the nameplate of ac motor.

Below are advantages of ac induction motors used in the indstry.

1. Simple Design

The Appliance Motor has very simple designation a series of three windings in the exterior (stator) section with a simple rotating section (rotor). The changing field caused by the 50 or 60 Hertz AC line voltage causes the rotor to rotate around the axis of the ac motor.

The speed of the AC Electric Motor depends only on three variables:

a) The fixed number of winding sets (known as poles) built into the ac motor, which determines the ac motor’s base speed.
b) The frequency of the AC line voltage. Variable speed drives (Adjustable speed drives) change this frequency to change the speed of the motor.
c) The amount of torque loading on the motor, which causes slip.

2. Low Cost

The AC motor has the advantage of being the lowest cost motor for applications which require more than about 1/2 hp (325 watts) of power. This is due to the simple design of ac motor. For this reason, Automatic Motor are overwhelmingly preferred for fixed speed applications in our industrial applications and for commercial and domestic applications where AC line power can be easily attached. In fact over 90% of all motors are AC induction motors. AC induction motors are found in air conditioners, washers, dryers, industrial machinery, fans, blowers, vacuum cleaners, and many, many other applications.

3. Reliable Operation

The simple design of the AC motor results in extremely reliable, low maintenance operation. Unlike the DC motor, there are no brushes to replace for ac motors. If run in the appropriate environment for its enclosure, AC motor can expect to need new bearings after several years of operation. In fact if the application is well designed, an AC motor may not need new bearings for more than a decade.

4. Easily Found Replacements of AC motors

The wide use of AC motors has resulted in easily found replacements. And many manufacturers adhere to either European (metric) or American (NEMA) standards. (For Replacement Motors)

5. Variety of Mounting Styles

AC Motors are available in many different mounting styles, such as:

a) Foot Mount
b) C-Face
c) Large Flange
d) Vertical
e) Specialty

6. Many Different Environmental Enclosures

Because of the wide range of environments in which people want to use motors, the AC motors have been adapted by providing a wide range of enclosures:

a) ODP – Open Drip Proof
b) TEFC – Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled
c) TEAO – Totally Enclosed Air Over
d) TEBC – Totally Enclosed Blower Cooled
e) TENV – Totally Enclosed Non-Ventilated
f) TEWC – Totally Enclosed Water Cooled

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